Speckled Pea


Box of 100gr

Pea microgreens taste much like full-grown peas and are known for being sweet, like snow peas. They’re full of vitamins that are anti-inflammatory and boost cardiovascular health


Every pea is a seed that can sprout to form new legume plant. Not every pea however is good for sprouting because of neurotoxins found in most legumes. The speckled peas have not only very low levels of neurotoxins, but they also produce sweeter microgreens that are perfect for blending into smoothies or combining in recipes.

When freshly harvested, the greens contain vitamins, particularly A, C and B in folate and minerals, especially iron and magnesium in chlorophyll. One cup serving contains 50% of the daily value for vitamin C, one of the highest next only to broccoli microgreens. Additionally, they are high in flavonoids and polyphenols (specifically lignans and coumestrol) which are recently being studied for their anticarcinogenic and anti-inflammatory activities.

Peas are high in protein content (20-25%) and their sprouted shoots even increase it about 10% total amino acid content when, which contain 20-25% protein. By weight, pea microgreens are among the best vegetable sources of protein. A cup of greens can provide two grams of protein, the equivalent of 1/3 of an egg. Peas and pea microgreens are now extensively used as a base protein concentrate for many vegan protein powders.

The greens have a delicious, nutty and distinct sweet pea-like flavour with concentrated amount of nutrients and enzymes. For better protein uptake, pea microgreens are to consume raw, in salads, syrups, or even ice cream. When making soup it is best to add the greens at the end to retain nutrients.


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