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Buckwheat microgreens are a complete protein and are rich in B vitamins, Vitamin C, and other essential micronutrients.


Buckwheat, despite the name, is not related to wheat at all. It is even not a grass and derives from the rhubarb and sorrel family with the seeds interestingly shaped like little pyramids that have been eaten by humans since the eighth millennium BC.

Buckwheat microgreens are one of the few plants that contain all essential amino acids making it a complete protein. Full of protein and rich in B vitamins, Vitamin C, and other essential micronutrients, buckwheat also has high levels of rutin – a bioflavonoid and antioxidant that helps build collagen and prevent atherosclerosis by keeping artery walls flexible. Rutin along with lecithin (also in buckwheat) helps with lowering LDL cholesterol. Besides, studies have been conducted indicating buckwheat has anti-inflammatory, along with liver protective properties.

Nicknamed “buckwheat lettuce” for their full and tender leaves, buckwheat microgreens are a great way to add more greens to your diet since essential nutrients are more easily absorbed when they come from whole foods.

Not only seriously good for your health, buckwheat microgreens incredibly delicious too. Mild in flavour with a slight citrus hint and somewhat of a tangy variety, buckwheat is not as bitter as conventional salad greens. Many kids prefer microgreens because they are rich in taste and lack the bitterness of many salad greens and easy to chew. Buckwheat microgreens work well in smoothies, mixed with salads or used on top of sandwiches and wraps.


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